At Turquoise Tails, we are able to work with all fearful, and shy breeds. We take pride in making your dog as comfortable as they can be. We do not cage our clients so they can gain social skills and roam around as they please. It is our mission to make any dog love their groomer!

We have a large breed tub and a small breed tub. We also have multiple dryers to get your dog finished in a timely manner, and we have 6 grooming tables with several staff members.

Full Service Groom

Includes bath, brushing, blow dry, ears, nails, anal glands (if needed), toothbrushing on request and a breed specific hair cut!

Face Feet Fanny

For when you just need a touch-up!  A bath, brush and blow dry, ears and nails, and as the name says, a sanitary trim, and tidying of the face and feet!


This is not just a bath!
This deep cleaning uses special techniques and tools to remove all unwanted undercoat from shedding breeds! Includes blow dry, ears and nails.

The results are spectacular!

Nail Trim

We offer walk-in nail trims Tuesday - Saturday from 10 am - 3 pm to help maintain the health of your pup.